Monday, November 24, 2008

senior exit project

this nine weeks is very hard and is coming along really quick, in my english 4 class im going to do a project on Teenage Plastic Surgery.

For my senior exit project i will be talking about the controversy that is going on with teenagers as well as young adults that are looking into, or have even gotten plastic surgery on their bodies.
The arguement will be on whether teenagers should or should not be getting surgery done to there bodies. The most popular place that teens go into this process alot.

Teen girls usually decide to have a surgery done as early as the age of sixteen years of age. Which is not so much a good thing it is said that the females body and self esteem i not at its full potential.

In my exit project im going to explain the ratio of u.s. teens that get surgery compared to other countries. Im going to explain what goes through the minds when it comes to this topic.
Why teenagers want plastic surgery and the benefits they feel that come along with this under the knife procedure. And how some teens actually get surgery for a positive and more healthy reason. Such as breast reductions, or something added inside the body to keep themselves alive.
In conclusion this exit project will cover the insides and out about teenage plastic surgery.

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